Summary of donations to date.

Lez Watson 438

Five donations have been received via the Stripe application totalling £14.52 ($19.80).  Many thanks to those who gave.

The total has been transferred to my HSBC bank account. Details are available on request. So far so good.

Although the payments are made in Dollars, the billing is in Pounds. That's good. I have to calculate the Dollar figures (whole pounds for four of the donations). I will be direct debited for about £7.80 pcm in due course.



Lez Watson 438

It turns out the first direct debit was made on Launch Day, 15th May. I may make occasional appeals for donations based on the health of the Stripe account.

"Keep it simple, Sherlock."

Lez Watson 438

It appears the payments are subject to two charges:
  • Stripe levy a handling fee of about 5%, and
  • my credit card a non sterling transaction fee of about 3%.
Given these costs are subject to the $/£ exchange rate on the day, the monthly subscription is round the £8.20 mark.

Any donations to towards these modest charges is appreciated.

CCS 438

Dave King

Would you consider setting up a Paypal donation email address? I am happy to make a donation but don't like the way the stripe payment looks. Don't really want to add even more sites that want my bank details!