OS Third Edition one-inch Large Sheet Series (was Fw: CCS NEWS)

Jeremy Harrison

Stuart, Fellow Members

The National Library of Australia (!) has a full set of these (for England & Wales, 1907-17: sheets 9, 10, 11 are 1907) available on line, that can be downloaded (as large jpgs (10-15 Mb) - though their download process is not the simplest), at (or through) .

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Member Stuart Bird of Shildon, Co. Durham writes: I’m planning to walk the line of the original South Durham and Lancaster Railway Union and to do this I need OS Third Edition one-inch Large Sheet Series in colour, sheets 9, 10 and 11, ideally as at 1913. If any member would be good enough to sell or loan these maps (to copy) I would be very grateful. Contact Stuart at ....




I have the following in my collection.


Sheet 9, Revised 1903, Railways revised 1914

Sheet 10, Revised 1902-3, Railways revised 1914

Sheet 11, Revised 1902-3, No mention of later railway revision


They are definitely  NOT for sale, but I am willing to loan them for copying.


If interested you can contact me by email at barnsley_taff@...

David Andrews


David Andrews

Andrew B Barton

Thanks for that Jeremy, that's a useful link,
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