OS OpenData archiving

Steven @ SABRE Maps

I recently had a conversation with OS Customer Services regarding the 1:250,000 Raster OpenData product where I requested older versions to add to the revisions we have available on SABRE Maps (which currently are the 2010, 2013, and 2016-19 editions).

I received the below somewhat disquieting reply:

We do not hold any archive copies of any OS OpenData or any other digital data products in Ordnance Survey.  Managing so many products for all of Great Britain we only ever hold and publish the latest versions from our base data servers.  The current version over-writes previous versions. 
Given that the OS don't archive their own data (which is quite shocking), it's likely that these will be lost completely over time.   Firstly, does anyone know of anywhere that archives OpenData beyond the partial copy available at mySociety ?   And does anyone have the missing 1:250k Raster data and are willing to share them with me?


Yet another symptom of the modern OS having no interest in its heritage.  It began when they disposed of the in-house Record Map Library and the in-house Cartographic Library in the early 2000s.  A wealth of material and knowledge evaporated overnight and made my role as one of OS's Expert Witnesses significantly more complicated.  Please feel free to call me an old reactionary, I don't care any more.
David Andrews
Retired OS Chief Surveyor