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B Anderson

I have attached a photograph of a single page from the Day Book there are some fascinating items which may or may not be of CCS interest.  It would be interesting to try to trace some of them.




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I'd love to see the lists on the website and will be happy to facilitate that. 



On 11/05/2020 10:34, Richard Oliver wrote:

I am wondering if these lists from GSGS 2001 upwards are in a form that could be put on the CCS website? A decided minority of these numbers apply to OS mapping adapted for military use, or drawn by OS on behalf of GSGS, and a larger number were printed either by OS, or by civil firms on behalf of OS.


I have used the Lithographic Room Day Book: it is not the most straightforward of documents to interpret! It should be borne in mind that quite a few GSGS series have 'disappeared', in whole or part, and may either be represented by a few chance survivals in private collections - or have vanished completely! (anyone out there got a GSGS 2525 lurking in the attic? Well, thought I'd ask...)


Richard Oliver


On Sun, 10 May 2020 at 21:29, B Anderson via <> wrote:

Following on from Andrew Cook’s comment, I took photographs of a couple of pages from the Lithographic Room Day Book when at TNA investigating the possible origin of Gerry Zierler’s “Mystery Map”, I am happy to supply copies of these as there are additional reference numbers.  However, at least in the sections I consulted, the book simply records the production of proofs and there is a note on the fly leaf stating Entries in this book are not to be taken as evidence that stock was printed.  In the section I copied most of the maps recorded are for areas outside Europe.  Although, there are also some unreferenced items, e.g. Aeroplanes for Home Forces.



On 8 May 2020, at 09:37, John Davies <john@...> wrote:

Richard Oliver has a partial list of GSGS numbers in Military Maps (CCS, 2004).  Does anyone know of a more comprehensive list available to us locked-downers?



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