GSGS numbers

B Anderson

Following on from Andrew Cook’s comment, I took photographs of a couple of pages from the Lithographic Room Day Book when at TNA investigating the possible origin of Gerry Zierler’s “Mystery Map”, I am happy to supply copies of these as there are additional reference numbers.  However, at least in the sections I consulted, the book simply records the production of proofs and there is a note on the fly leaf stating Entries in this book are not to be taken as evidence that stock was printed.  In the section I copied most of the maps recorded are for areas outside Europe.  Although, there are also some unreferenced items, e.g. Aeroplanes for Home Forces.


On 8 May 2020, at 09:37, John Davies <john@...> wrote:

Richard Oliver has a partial list of GSGS numbers in Military Maps (CCS, 2004).  Does anyone know of a more comprehensive list available to us locked-downers?


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